Digital Fellow Update: Yoti Goudas at National Museum Wales

A man standing in a gallery near a sculpture made of a stack of boxes

Yoti Goudas in a National Museum Wales gallery

What problem or challenge are you addressing in your museums? i.e. what is the main objective of your research?

Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales (NMW) is comprised of seven museums spread across the various geographic areas of Wales. Throughout all NMW sites, there are departments and teams that excel in using different digital tools, produce excellent digital content and follow digital best practices.

However, like many organizations, teams are often so busy with their daily work that they do not have regular contact with or awareness of what other individuals or departments within NMW are doing with digital.

What principles / experiences / methodologies are you using to help solve this problem?

This research intervention is looking to increase digital literacy and confidence in staff by:

  • increasing transparency around who is leading and creating digital change within the enterprise
  • encouraging collaboration and sharing amongst departments and teams
  • promoting curiosity and awareness of what is happening outside the museum sector and how these trends and practices could apply to their work within the museum

What’s your next step going to be?

A regular Digital Community of Practice will be established, and hold meetings every two months. Staff from all museums (regardless of region) will be encouraged to participate either in person or via teleconference.

These meetings will create a forum where different departments and business areas within the enterprise can showcase and share knowledge of the various digital initiatives that they are leading or best practices they are employing.

The forum will also invite external guest speakers from various sectors to speak to and share case studies and best practices and allow museum staff to gain insight, knowledge and inspiration into how digital technologies are used outside of the museum sector.