‘One by One’ is a 30 month national digital literacy building project for UK museums of all sizes and types

It is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), is led by The University of Leicester in partnership with Culture24, and is being delivered together with a range of museums, strategic sector agencies and academic partners.

‘One by One’ aims to help UK museums of any size better define, improve, measure and embed the digital literacy of their staff and volunteers in all roles and at all levels.

By introducing a new approach to digital literacy, understanding and development, this project aims to create new organisational mindsets in museums to help support their digital transformation needs.

The project also aims to practically up-skill all staff and volunteers (not just those in technical roles) with comprehensive, ongoing, formal and informal digital learning initiatives covering a range of professional and individual digital literacies, enabling staff to more confidently embed digital skills and knowledge in their work.

Specifically the One by One project will design and test a practical digital literacy framework for the UK museum sector that:

– Has clear and well-developed definitions of ‘digital literacy’

– Has evidence to demonstrate its effectiveness

– Is adopted sector-wide, with multiple touchpoints

– Is characterised by collective responsibility and ownership

– Is flexible, evolving, adaptable, assuming change

– Is sustainable within organisations

– Has buy-in from sector leadership