One by One Project #3

AAM Conference, 8 June 2021, online

Who’s in the Room? Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity in the Digital Landscape

A panel led by Dr Haitham Eid, in which essential questions about equity, inclusion, and diversity within museums’ digital workforce and their implications for successful digital leadership were confronted—in human terms, not just business and technological ones. This panel drew on the latest work from the One by One international research initiative investigating and addressing inequities that exist in the professional landscape of digital change.


  • Diana Abouali, Director, Arab American National Museum
  • Asali DeVan Ecclesiastes, Chief Executive Equity Officer, Efforts of Grace/Ashe Cultural Arts Center
  • Haitham Eid, Director, Museum Studies Program, Southern University at New Orleans
  • Doretha Williams, Smith Fund Program Manager, National Museum of African American History and Culture

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One by One Project #2

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June 2020 Museums Association Conference. Three online sessions led by Sophie Frost on Emotional Labour, Courage, and Precarity

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October 2020 One by One UK-US Future Planning Workshop, online

November 2020 Study Day Think Digital! Interactive Workshop

One by One Project #1

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March 2019 DEN conference, Rotterdam

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October 2019 Research Retreat, Leicester

February 2020 Skills Summit, National Army Museum, London

February 2020 Digital literacy & skills: briefing & workshops in Edinburgh, Leeds, Belfast and Cardiff