Project #3 phases

Project #3 is structured over 18 months around five active research Phases:

‘DISCOVER’ will be used to scope the key contexts within the partner museums for leading digital change at a time of precarity. Following their respective ‘Tracks’ and themes, the researchers will establish a baseline of business, digital, emotional maturity, resilience, and intelligence through facilitated discussions, observations and activities, resulting in the production of an internal briefing document to partner museums/units evidencing the main context/issues of the research.

‘DEFINE’ will scrutinise the opportunities and challenges around empathetic and equitable digital leadership, with academic and professional stakeholders in the US and UK. Within their three ‘Tracks’/themes, the researchers will trace the culture and status of the participating organisations as they pertain to digital practices and processes, with the aim of launching first episode of ‘Connections’ reflective podcast.

‘DEVELOP’ In this phase, a series of action research interventions will be designed to demonstrate the practices and processes needed to lead digital change empathetically and equitably in museums today. The researchers will facilitate workshops on agile practices and processes, and share these activities with all project partners via the project’s online community platform, the ‘Digital Commons’.

‘DELIVER’ features a series of practice-based interventions in live institutional contexts, to test how museums can lead digital change empathetically and inclusively. The researchers will support each museum in its change activity as appropriate, using the Digital Commons to record, reflect and share progress with the wider project team.

‘DISSEMINATE’ phase will synthesise the findings from the live institutional interventions into a cohesive ‘Framework’, and share through a variety of channels, and a range of formats, with a wider community of museums, academics, policy makers, technology providers, and professional bodies. The researchers will make use of their respective activities to process and seek peer review on their research insights. Planned outputs for this phase include a ‘Framework for New Digital Leadership in Museums’, a ‘Sector White Paper’ on the challenges for UK and US organisations as they lead digital change in times of individual and institutional precarity, and a series of practitioner-facing resources for the Culture24 ‘Digital Pathways’ platform.