Welcome to One by One

‘One by One’ is a multi-partner international initiative, bringing together cultural organisations, policy makers, academics, professional bodies, support agencies, and communities of practice, to build digitally confident museums. 

‘One by One’ helps museums of any size better define, improve, measure and embed the digital literacy of their staff and volunteers in all roles and at all levels.  

Project #3 (2021-2022)
Modelling new digital leadership in museums

Read about our current project, find out about the project phases and read the news release.

Project #2 (2020)
Structuring Museums to Deliver New Digital Experiences

Read about Project #2, and find information about the resources developed through the project.

Project #1 (2017-2020)
Building the Digital Literacies of UK Museums

Read about Project #1 and read the Project #1 findings through our reports.