Reviewing frameworks – beyond the flashy, flimsy and faddish


During the Phase 2 research, we interrogated a number of different digital literacy frameworks developed and used by other sectors.

One of the most insightful sources of information we came across was a three-part blog series written by Dr Mark Brown, Ireland’s First Chair in Digital Learning and Director, National Institute for Digital Learning, Dublin City University.

The series is called ‘A Critical Review of Frameworks for Digital Literacy: Beyond the Flashy, Flimsy and Faddish’. It not only provides a fascinating overview of the range of digital literacy frameworks out there, but also critically analyses the limitations of many of these frameworks.

Part 1 explores in a little more detail what we might mean by the term digital literacies.

Part 2 compares and contrasts a handful of better-known digital literacy models and frameworks.

Part 3 calls for the development of more critical digital mindsets when considering the application of digital literacy frameworks.