Phase 2 – summary

One by One’s second phase will detail the specific range of digital literacies needed by the UK museum sector.

The specific objectives of this phase are:

  • To inform the development of an initial museum digital literacy model
  • To generate typologies of specific museum digital literacies needed by the museum sector
  • To suggest practical approaches for developing each of these digital literacies within museums in a sustainable way.


These objectives will be achieved through a combination of the following approaches to gathering relevant information from the sector:

  • Desk-based research (including drawing on data gathered from Phase 1)
  • Consultation with the sector
  • A series of literacy labs with an invited cross-section of relevant museum professionals. These will be creative workshops, facilitated by Culture24 and hosted by our museum partners in Brighton, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

More specific information regarding the above will be available in due course.

Phase leads

Sejul Malde (Research Manager, Culture24) with Ross Parry (School of Museum Studies, UoL).


March 2018 to August 2018