Sharing One by One updates at the DEN conference

Digital may mean many things to many people across the heritage sector. Over the course of the One by One Project, our Digital Fellows are not only exploring how digital skills are cultivated across the heritage sector within the United Kingdom, but also look to other countries and sectors for inspiration around how digital skills are recognized, adopted, and adapted.

Digital Fellows Dr Karin De Wild and Lauren Vargas were invited to attend the DEN conference from 4-5 March at the De Doelen in Rotterdam, to share the progress of the One by One research and to learn about and discuss the multitude of digital activities being carried out by culture and heritage colleagues in the Netherlands.

Two women on a stage addressing a seated crowd, with a slide about One by One behind them

Dr Karin de Wild and Lauren Vargas speaking at the DEN conference

What is DEN? 

In the Netherlands, DEN is the knowledge institute for digitization in the cultural sector. They support cultural institutions in the field of digitization by fostering a climate in which exchange and partnership flourish. They collaborate with a range of national and international partners, including the arts and heritage sector, policymakers, tech suppliers and the creative industries.

How were the two days structured?

Recently, DEN has expanded their network to include the arts sector. The focus on the first day was to further establish collaborations with this sector, asking “What does digitization have to offer for both institutions and artists themselves?”

The second day of the event was specially organized for the heritage sector. Presentations focused on the latest developments in the digital heritage field, and the social relevance of digital collections for subjects including education, diversity and inclusion.

How was the One by One research project introduced at DEN?

Dr Karin De Wild and Lauren Vargas co-presented and shared the findings from the first two phases of One by One research, and gave an overview of the interventions currently taking place within the six participating museums in the UK.

One important aim of DEN’s mission is to develop and share knowledge about digitization, mainly at a management level. However, they have not yet established specific programs or policies that support the Netherlands’ arts and heritage sectors to upskill the digital literacy of their staff. DEN will keep in contact and follow the progress of the One by One research further.

Want more information about the One by One research?

Take a look at the published findings to date!  You can also read the latest updates from the Digital Fellows about their research experiments: